As Salesforce pushes out updates for the Salesforce for Outlook extension, users will individually need to run the update to get to the latest version.

I hope the following steps will make it easier for you to complete the update yourself!

Follow these 6 steps to complete the update:
     1. Close: Outlook

     2. Close: Salesforce for Outlook app
          If it is still running , this is probably hidden in your System Tray / Notification Area. 
         *The icon will be grey or red.

*With both Outlook and the Salesforce for Outlook app closed, you can now run the update.

     3. Salesforce | [Your Name] | My Settings:
         Go to My Settings to find and download the latest version for Salesforce for Outlook.
     4. Desktop Add-Ons:

         On the My Settings landing page, you should see the Desktop Add-Ons on the home page.
         You can also type “Outlook” into the Quick Find box on the left.


     5. Salesforce for Outlook: Click Download Now

     6. Once download is complete:
         Double-check that Outlook and the Salesforce for Outlook app are closed, then run the installer.

 Trouble-shooting Tips:
  • If you continue to have issues, please contact your Help Desk or Salesforce Administrator.
  • If the upgrade didn’t run, try rebooting the computer, check and ensure the Salesforce for Outlookapp is closed, and run the installer.
  • These instructions assume the logged-in user has local admin rights on their PC. If not, please contact your IT Help Department.
  • It may be necessary to purge the local database file. 
    • To do this:

      Start | type %appdata% into the Search box | folder: | folder: Salesforce forOutlook | find and delete the folder DB.